System Repair Engineer

Posted by Wanabe PJ on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hari nie aku mendapat satu lagi tools baru dr engineer AVPSEA iaitu Sytem Repair Engineer (SREng) yg digunakan untuk membaiki registry komputer yg telah dirosak atau diubah oleh virus. Berikut adalah informasi mengenai tools di atas:

System Repair Engineer, also called SREng, developed by KZTechs.COM webmaster Smallfrogs. SREng is a security related software and a system maintenance software, the main purpose of SREng is try to detect some common system issues and most common damages caused by Computer Virus.

Under the help of System Repair Engineer (SREng), user can detects the most common issues in user’s computer and repair them by themselves. Beginner user of SREng can use Smart Scan function scan their computer to generate a report log, computer expert can analyze the log and provides some advices.

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Potlee Monavie said... nih bertindak cane?

Wanabe PJ said...

fungsinya repair registry pc yg rosak atau diubah oleh virus. senang je tools ni..portable plug in je..

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